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Pin Me Down (Photo by Timothy Cochraine for NME)

In a MySpace bulletin today, Pin Me Down announced that their debut single, Cryptic is out on iTunes UK today. Pin Me Down is Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack‘s side-project with singer Milena Mepris, formerly of Black Moustache. Their 80s-influenced electro-rock made it’s live debut in London recently, and we’re hoping for more UK dates soon. Lissack’s distinctive guitar licks are his contribution to the music, and whilst very recognisably Russell, it’s not Bloc Party with a different singer. The refreshing guitar pop is worthy of any indie dancefloor. The Cryptic single will also feature a Phones remix (always an exciting prospect) and more.

The Bulletin:

“That’s right. Our first single “Cryptic” is out today in the UK only on iTunes. The single features remixes by PHONES (Paul Epworth), Jamie Ellis and Russell Lissack, Dave P & Adam Sparkles, and Dubka of the Cazals. Next week May 26, the vinyl 12″ will be available. The full single will be out on June 2 on iTunes.

Check-it, check-it out,
love ya,
PMD xo”