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Dream Bitches are a New York band that have been together for five years and recently released their second album, Coke-And-Spiriters. Their sound reminds me slightly of Australian indie-punkers The Grates but Dream Bitches lack the energetic front-woman that The Grates have in the form of Patience Hodgson. Incidently, The Grates have a new single out. The reason I’ve mentioned the energetic Hodgson is that if Dream Bitches had half of her energy, then I might be more interested. The music will be perfectly approachable for fans of Tegan and Sarah and suchlike, but I think it just lacks that something-something that I like about The Grates. I didn’t actually intend for this review to be a comparison between the two, but I can’t enjoy one without thinking that they’re not as good as the other. Anyways, Dream Bitches do have some good tunes, and my fave is Bad Luck Bill. Very catchy indie-pop riffs and vocals with a hint of Kimya Dawson in there.

MP3: Dream Bitches – Bad Luck Bill

You can also download two older songs from the band’s myspace here, andyou can buy their new album here!

Enjoy. x